About Us

Welcome to CareerNet.

A true career network, combining world class partners in training and education so learners may develop the modern soft and hard skills desired by  top employers and universities world wide since 1994. CareerNet are internationally recognized for job and career placement for its learners and clients - generally corporations, educators and national agencies.

CareerNet has been delivering educational and consulting services, online and on-campus for young adults and professionals seeking academic, vocational and management advancement, and world class industry focused accreditation and certification.

CareerNet, along with its partners, are educators of students at many levels K-1 through K12, to professional and vocational entry level to senior management. We educate in many parts of the world.

Our partners share our passion and mission, to provide world class education to the next generation of global citizens and leaders.

CareerNet has a reputation for delivering bespoke solutions to match academic and performance goals for schools, corporations and nations at National, Regional, Local levels.