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With the CareerNet English System both schools, universities and employers have the ability to teach, asses, and high stakes test English in the class room or by remote proctor to any internet connected location. With the power of the World's leading AI and a data base of 100+ primary languages and millions of successful learners, The CareerNet English System quickly finds the individual learner's level and tests to that level.

Installed by USB flash drive for class room and local devices or for use in practice testing at  off campus locations.

PLUS, NOW CareerNet in partnership with Cambridge English have developed an all new high stakes remote proctoring solution. This solution creates a high stakes testing environment for on-line students with full security. Currently deployed in a few ESOL nations, scalability is not an issue.

The CareerNet English System is powered by Cambridge the world leader in English learning, assessments and training. Accepted by 40,000+ employers and universities World Wide.  Schedule a demo now by emailing us at

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  • CareerNet English Learning System - Powered by Cambridge
    CareerNet English Learning System - Powered by Cambridge
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